May MILSCRIM - Operation Prologue


Tensions have come to a climax in the region of Gomel. A revolutionary rebel group has seized power in Gomel. With Western interest in Gomel, Western military forces have been deployed to take back the resource-rich area. The rebels have positioned explosive devices to destroy the resources in the area to ensure control. Although the rebel group has yet to acquire all of the resources. Through intelligence gathered, the rebels have a general idea of where the resources are located. The military must insert into the region and stop the rebels from acquiring the resources. The military has little intelligence and must gather it to be able to locate the explosive device.

Basic Game Design

Rebellion (yellow) starting point (they are not to go past this location): Gas Station
Rebellion (yellow) RESPAWN point: Windmill

Western Military Force (blue)  starting point: Road
Western Military Force (blue) small group insertion (recon): redacted
Western Military Force (blue)  RESPAWN point: Road

Intelligence Holding Locations - Western Military Force (blue) Objective

The Rebellion (yellow) is holding intel at these locations: redacted

The Military (blue) must bring the intelligence to their Respawn Point for analysis

  • This will give valuable information regarding the explosive device.

Resource Supply Caches - Rebellion (yellow) Objective

The Rebellion (yellow) must locate labelled caches hidden by the Western nations prior to the conflict: redacted

The military (blue) is aware of the locations and will attempt to defend them. The Rebellion (yellow) must bring the crates to the explosive device.

Explosive - Rebellion (yellow) Objective & Western Military Force (blue) Objective

The Rebellion (yellow) placed an explosive device at a strategic location to destroy the resources.

  • A 5-hour countdown clock is on the bomb (should the explosive be defused, the bomb can be reset by the rebellion)
  • The rebellion must bring the resources to this location
  • Can only be diffused using the intelligence gathered

Game Specific Rules

Medic Rule

  • Must use a mock TQ to revive a player, once wrapped around the player's leg they are back in the game.
  • Only 1 revive is allowed
  • Bleed out (if no one revives you) is 2 minutes, once you bleed out you must walk back to your respawn point and wait till 2 other people are there in order to redeploy
  • Everyone is a medic 


  • One is not allowed to go within 300 feet (91 metres) of each other’s primary respawn point (HQ)
  • Use of radios is encouraged. Listening to the opposing side’s channel(s) is permitted. Although you are not allowed to jam, intercept or communicate on enemy (opposing side’s) channels
  • The trail entrance from the field into the safe-zone is not to be used in-game. It is not to be used to flank players or for any movement during gameplay
  • If a player goes to the safe-zone, they must report back to their respawn point before they can enter the game
  • If a player is shot while carrying an in-game item, they must stop and drop it where they were shot. Other teammates are allowed to pick-up the in-game item and continue
  • Opposing players are not allowed to touch in-game items that are not designated for them