Operation Hold-Out

September - Operation Hold-Out

24 September 2017 

Gates Open: 10:00
Game Brief: 11:15
Game Start: 11:30


Synopsis: After a relentless conflict, a third faction has formed known as the GPR. The GPR switches between sides without any remorse. They are seen as money hungry and will do anything to further their economic status and fight for whichever side will help them achieve this status.

Basic Game Design


The goal of each faction is to bring intel to the correct location. Each faction starts off with intel, written on the intel will dictate which location to bring it to.

  • No stealing intel - each container is marked with the team’s colour. Only that team is allowed to touch it.

Opfor (GPR)

There are caches hidden throughout the field with cash in them. Each team must find these in order to purchase the GPR. Some caches may have more or less cash in them.

  • The cost of the GPR:  $200 (in-game currency)
  • Opfor is dressed in all black.

Upon purchasing the GPR, they will embed for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes have expired they will act as NPC’s or not be on the field.

The GPR is skilled in producing explosive devices. They have access to landmines and other explosive devices that may have a timer.

  • Landmines have a kill radius of 10 feet or a room.


Medic Rule:

  • Each person is allowed to carry one tourniquet (TQ)  
  • In order to be revived, you must have the tourniquet on one of your limbs
  • Everyone is a medic
  • Bleed out is 2 minutes - you must wait for this until you are allowed to respawn
  • Tourniquets (TQ) will be provided


  • Set at field marshal's discretion
  • Set out by the NQ field map
  • Set out by yellow hazard tape and/or yellow rope

Spawn Zones (buffer zones):

  • The opposing team is not allowed to go within 300 feet of the other faction’s spawn 
  • You are not allowed to shoot into the buffer zone
  • You are not allowed to shoot out of the buffer zone