Operation Rising Storm - April MILSCRIM


Tensions begin to rise in the region of Gomel. With the eastern bloc sponsoring rebels within Gomel, a western reactionary force has been deployed to act as a deterrent to any further aggression. Gomel has been in ruins for the last few years due to the political uprising in the country. Tensions are so high that it is said to be at a tipping point. There is currently a UN ceasefire in place, although only time will tell what will happen next.

Basic Game Design

With the eastern bloc (yellow) starting in the “slums” they must advance and infiltrate key areas.

The western reactionary force (blue) is mounting and preparing for an offensive out of the “killhouse”. If any of the ROE’s are broken according to the UN resolution they are allowed to create an offensive.

Capture Points

In order to capture “capture points” each team must find and bring caches to the capture point. Each cache has a prescribed location to where it belongs, inside the cache, there will be two pieces of intel for each team, one blue and one yellow.The intel that is labelled with one's correlating colour dictates where it is to be brought to.

  • Caches are hidden throughout the field, photos of what they look like will be provided.
  • Each team is allowed to “steal” each other’s caches and bring it to where their intel dicates them.
  • If one is shot while carrying the cache they must stop and drop it! Anybody can carry the cache.
  • What is captured in the first game lays the foundation to what is to come in the second MILSCRIM.

Example 1:

  1. Open cache
  2. Read the intel with your faction’s colour (blue or yellow), don’t touch the other factions intel.
  3. Bring the cache to where the intel (blue or yellow) for your faction tells you too

Example 2:

  1. I go to Bank and kill all of blue.
  2. I open the cache and look at the yellow intel
  3. Yellow intel tells me to bring it to Bravo
  4. I  bring cache to Bravo

Game Details

Entry- $25
Gates open- 11:00 AM
Game Start- 12:00 PM
Game End- 6:00 PM

Game Specific Rules

Medic Rule

  • Must use TQ or Bandage to revive a player, once wrapped around a player's limb they are back in the game. Only 2 revives are allowed.
  • Bleed out is 2 minutes, once you bleed out you must walk back to your respawn point and wait till 2 other people are there in order to redeploy.


  • One is not allowed to go within 300 feet (91 metres) of each other’s Respawn point (HQ).
  • Use of radios is encouraged. Listening to the opposing side’s channel(s) is permitted. Although you are not allowed to jam, intercept or communicate on enemy channels.