Your Guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It is that time of year! Here is a handy breakdown of the all the money you could be saving with these hot deals... no discount codes needed. 

 Sale Item  Discount 
Tactical Gear (Pouches, Vests, Holsters, Shadow Strategic, Shadow Elite Etc.) 25% OFF
Clothing (All clothing pieces except Mechanix)  25% OFF
Boots 15% OFF
Everything Else (Guns, Parts, Everything...Etc.) 10% OFF
Door Crashers 
Ares Honey Badgers 20% OFF
Ares Octarms 20% OFF
Classic Army KM-10 & 12 31% OFF
WE & KJW Pistols  20% OFF



Also, remember that our long-standing free shipping across Canada on orders over $300 still applies! 

*Additional conditions may apply                                                                                                *All deals apply online & in-store