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NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket

  • NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket

Niagara Quartermaster

NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket


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For Sunday Games: Tickets MUST be purchased by Saturday 8:59 pm prior to game day. By purchasing a ticket, this guarantees you a spot!

With the 'New' Rules, we have decided to split our Safe Zone and Parking areas into 2 distinct sections.

The Two Options are available for players attending are:

#1 Safe Zone [Maximum to 30 players]
  - 2m Distancing
  - 2 players per table (unless you are a family)
  - Specific designated parking
  - IF the Safe Zone tickets sell out, extra tables will be made available
    for those without vehicles


#2 Vehicle Event Parking [Maximum to 30 players]
  - You setup at your vehicle
  - This area is situated adjacent to the Safe Zone
  - Parking attendant will be directing traffic

For now we will be limiting the number of "Pre-Paid" players allowed to 60 players. "Walk-On" players are NOW able attend but we highly suggest that you pre-book to guarantee a spot and also print out a copy of the receipt or have it on your phone.

Legal & Other "Fun" Things 

  • Any information taken or recorded will be in accordance to the Privacy Act of Canada
  • Niagara Quartermaster's rules & regulations apply, if any violations occur, the player will be asked to leave without refund
  • Our field age limit is 12+
  • Waivers can be found here You NEED to have the Waiver completed prior to your arrival at the field or you will NOT be able to enter.
  • Please read the COVID19 blog on the main page of the website for further notices
  • Please consult our Facebook page: NiagaraQuartermasterAirsoftField - for those days when rain seems likely and we will post any decisions for the field in the morning.