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About: While this says entry, by no means will it not make your gun perform better. This package focuses on the compression parts and offers an improvement in consistency and reliability. Keeping you in the game longer. 
Parts: Aluminum Air NozzleAluminum Piston HeadCushion V2 Cylinder, Shim Upgrade, AOE Correction
    How it works?
    First, purchase the package then ship your gun along with a magazine to our facility:
    622 Welland Avenue,
    St. Catharines Ontario L2M 5V6
    You are responsible for the initial shipping cost, meanwhile the shipping cost is included to return your gun safely home. 


    Terms & Conditions

    1. Queue Time: this package is subject to a 20 business day wait time upon receiving the gun. Please note that it could be completed before this time or in some circumstances longer depending on parts availability. 
    2. All packages are subject to a 90 day service warranty that includes repair/replacement of defective parts and/or the repair of issues relating to the installation of the package. Customers can request a shooting video or test the gun in-store. Listed below are items that will nullify said warranty: 
    • Damage resulting from user error 
    • User disassembly 
    • Use of improper power sources, poor quality BBs and magazines 
    • Water damage 
    • Modification of airsoft gun internals not completed by Niagara Quartermaster