Field Rules:


  • Biodegradable BBs ONLY
  • During emergencies "NO DUFF" is called. If “No Duff” is called you must make your weapon safe (take out magazine, dry fire a couple times). Any player can call "No Duff" in the result of an emergency. 
  • Airsoft is a game of Honour. If you are hit by a BB you must call “HIT”. You must call it loud enough so other players can hear you. You will then pull out your red rag which is called a “Kill Rag”. You will then show your Kill rag to all players around you to signify you have been hit. A kill rag is mandatory to play at our field. If you do not have a kill rag you can purchase one for $1. You are allowed to crouch if you are hit or move out of the way within a reasonable distance. 
  • “Dead” men do not talk, if you are hit, you are not to talk (with the exception of medic rules).
  • A hole must be larger than a fist in order to shoot through.
  • Players cannot blind fire. Their face must be directly behind their firearm.
  • Knives must be a rubber/training knife. No real knives or bladed objects are allowed.
  • We allow an optional Mercy rule. If you have a player dead to rights, then you can say to them “Mercy”. At this point the player has the option to take the mercy and call themselves hit, or they can try to retaliate.
  • There is no “Bang Bang” rule.
  • Do not throw objects at other players.
  • Do not climb objects or the scenery.
  • No verbal harassment or abuse, and no physical contact outside the mentioned circumstances (medic).
  • One must not wear red, yellow, or orange clothing. NEW


 Eye & Face Protection

  • Eye Protection is required at all times outside of the safe zone. If a player is caught without eye protection on their eyes, they will be ejected from the game.
  • If you have fogging issues on the field, you may not remove your glasses or goggles at any time. See a referee so they can isolate you to de-fog your eye protection.
  • Full face protection is recommended for all players, see the chart below to for more specific rules. 


ANSI Z87+ Glasses

Full Face Protection

Over +18



Under >18





Safe Zone

  • When you are returning to the safe zone for any reason, one must make their gun safe. One does this by ejecting their magazine, shooting 3 times in a safe direction, and putting their gun on safe.
  • No magazines are allowed to be in any firearm in the safe zone.
  • No firing of weapons in the safe zone.



 Sound grenades are subject to the following rules:

  • If they detonate in the same room that you are in, you are hit.
  • If they are thrown outside, they have no effect.


 Frag grenades Are Subject to the following Rules:

  • If they detonate in the same room that you are, you are hit.
  • If a BB hits you, you are hit.
  • If a BB ricochets and hits you, you are hit.

 Grenade launcher spray shells are subject to the following rules:

  • If a BB hits you, you are hit.
  • If a BB ricochets and hits you, you are hit.

 Launcher Projectiles (such as foam balls) are subject to the following rules:

  • There is a 5 foot kill radius on the projectiles first impact, if you are within that radius, you are hit. This radius counts through hard and soft cover.
  • Projectiles must be soft (foam, rubber).
  • DO NOT aim directly at players.



  • Some games may feature a medic rule. Medic rules are at the desecration of the game designer or head field marshal.
  • Use of Bandages and/or Tourniquets may be mandatory, if you don’t own them we offer them for sale. If they chose not to get one, then you can’t be revived.
  • Players may simulate a drag on a downed player. To do this, the player dragging the downed player must put 2 hands on the downed player, and walk them to their new location. You may not run while a player is being dragged. If a hand leaves the dragged player then the dragged player must stop where he/she is.


Velocity, Energy & RPS Requirements 

  • All airsoft firearms will be chronographed with a .30 BB, if a player is using a heavier gram, then they must supply the BB. NEW
  • RPS limit of 28. NEW



Engagement Distance

Sidearm Required

Standard Rifle


0 feet


DMR (Semi, 16" Barrel or longer, 7.62 or higher)


50 feet


Bolt Action Rifle


75 feet