Redline Mini SFR (Super Fast Refresh) HPA Regulator

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  • Redline Mini SFR (Super Fast Refresh) HPA Regulator


Redline Mini SFR (Super Fast Refresh) HPA Regulator

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This air rig is our rendition of the SFR (Super Fast Refresh) Air Rig. This system incorporates the Redline SFR regulator which has all the bells and whistles!

HPA in Airsoft has Evolved.

Engines are more efficient and run at lower pressures than in the past. Therefore the demands on the regulator have changed too.

With the lower operating pressures and higher efficiency of modern HPA engines, the regulator must be much more sensitive in order to properly react to the smaller "pressure pulse" of each shot. This is especially true when running a remote hose since the air volume in the hose acts as an "air capacitor" further dulling the pressure pulse that the regulator sees. 

Failure of the regulator to react properly to this dulled (dampened) pressure pulse can be interpreted by the user as "shoot down" or a "slow refresh rate."

The SFR is Redline Airsoft's newest regulator. It combines high sensitivity and a super fast refresh rate with a high flow design. It performs equally well whether powering an air sipping PolarStar "Jack" at 40 PSI or powering an air hungry Daytona gun at 120 psi. It also works with both standard high output and SLP/ELP type low output tanks.

The SFR is a fully balanced regulator. Why is that important?

Unbalanced regulators are subject to what is known as "supply pressure effect." That means the regulators output pressure is affected by changes to its input pressure.

Unbalanced regulators can have a very large pressure change as their supply tank empties. Importantly on some types of regulators, that pressure change can cause the regulators output pressure to rise as the supply tanks pressure drops. That can result in an undesirable situation since any rise in output pressure will cause a corresponding rise in velocity.

The SFR's output pressure is unaffected by changes to its input pressure. That means even as your tank empties, the SFR's output pressure and therefore your velocity, will remain unchanged.

The SFR also includes a new, more intuitive, integrated tournament lock and an over pressure relief valve. The Redline SRF is 100% made and assembled in the USA.

Key features of the SFR Air Rig include:
  • Integrated tournament lock: By inserting a wire tie into the holes in the adjuster cap and around the hex nipple it blocks the velocity adjusting screw.
  • Pressure Release Valve: As an added safety measure this regulator is fitted with a high flow pressure relief valve. The relief valve helps protect your Fusion Engine from an over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator.
  • Easy PSI Adjustment: Allen Key PSI Adjustment
  • Designed specifically for Airsoft applications
  • Works with High Pressure (HPA) or Super Low Pressure (SLP) compressed air tanks.
  • Comes with everything you need to attach your favorite HPA system (For systems that utilize 6mm line fitting like Polarstar, Wolverine, and Protech systems).
Our air rigs are equipped with our state of the art Amped Line, which is a large bore line for your HPA Unit or Daytona gun that is both flexible and durable. It is enclosed in a nylon sheathing that will not affect it's flexibility but will help protect it from damage. We offer the outer sheathing in multiple colors to suit your load out.
Our line is available in the following configurations for this air rig:
Single Quick Disconnect has an 1/8" NPT threaded fitting at one end and a female/coupler quick disconnect fitting on the other end. Daytona guns require this option since they utilize a higher flow rate on the regulator side fitting.

Dual Quick Disconnect has a male quick disconnect fitting on one end and a female quick disconnect fitting on the other end. You will need to choose a regulator adapter if you are upgrading from a standard air rig and use this adapter to replace the existing fitting on your regulator. This allows you to quickly swap lines or disconnect your line from your air rig, which simplifies the process of taking your tank out of your back pack. You can even leave your line weaved through your gear!

Non-Daytona users can use either of the above options.

The color markers on the end of each line designate it's length.
Blue = 30"
Green = 36"
Yellow = 42"
Each air rig is tested after being assembled. This air rig is designed to withstand some serious milsim game play.

SFR regulator online manual available
Max pressure for this line is 200 PSI.