Firesoft Grenade

Firesoft Bunker Cleaner FS360 Airsoft Grenades

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  • Firesoft Bunker Cleaner FS360 Airsoft Grenades

Firesoft Grenade

Firesoft Bunker Cleaner FS360 Airsoft Grenades

Sold out

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Package Include: 
  • 4 Firesoft FS360
  • 4 Power lower cap
  • 2 Firesoft Grenade Patch
  • 16 Ignition Pin
  • 10 light stick Cyalume
  • 240 Retention Membranes
  • 4 Cotter pin for cleaning
  • 1 User guide
  • 60 Matches Red Bird 

Package does not include :

  •  6 mm BB'S
  •  Firecracker


  • Reusable
  • Reliable, rugged and simple to use
  • Activated by a small Firecracker (not included)
  • Low maintenance, no seal, no mechanical parts, no valve and need to replace shells after every throw
  • Low cost of use
  • Not sensitive to temperature variation, (unlike gaz grenade)
  • Payload of 80 bb's (not included)
  • Standard Effective Range : 15 Feets Diameter 
  • Sound Level : between 100 and 115 Db *(May vary depending on the charge of Firecracker loaded)
  • Pull pin ignition
  • Internal combustion
  • Compact - fits into a regular M67 Grenade Pouch

Plus, it's easy to find it in the dark!

For those who use grenade in a dark CQB environment or outside during special milsim night event, our specially design cavities for Military Grade Cyalume Light Stick will allow you to find it with ease.
These cavities are specifically design to insert Premium Military Grade Cyalume Light stick within your Firesoft Grenade.


  • Material : Polymer
  • Height : 3,25 inches X  Width : 2,25 inches   X Depth : 2,25 inches.
  • Weight (unloaded)  : 0,25 pounds
CAUTION! You must be over 18 years old to purchase or use pyrotechnics in Canada.
This is a pyrotechnical grenade. Always wear the eye protection! Make sure that use of pyrotechnics is allowed in your country. Only use your Firesoft Grenade in official game arena. Follow the standard firework guidelines of your country.