Solink Motor

SOLINK SX-2 Medium Speed Brushless Motor - Long Type

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  • SOLINK SX-2 Medium Speed Brushless Motor - Long Type

Solink Motor

SOLINK SX-2 Medium Speed Brushless Motor - Long Type

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  • Drop-in brushless motor with integrated mosfet for superior performance
  • Suitable for 7.4v or 11.1v lipo
  • No-load speed: 7.4V=24000RPM, 11.1V=36000RPM
  • No load current: 7.4V=2.3A, 11.1V=2.8A
  • Maximum current: 7.4V=9.8A, 11.1V=12.2A
  • Momentary maximum torque: 7.4V=26.7mN/m, 11.1V=30.7mN/m
  • Compatible with Gate Titan

SOLINK SX-2 medium speed plug-in brushless motor long. Suitable for long size motor models such as M4, MP5, and P90.

Unlike conventional brush motors with a built-in brush/commutator, this is a brushless motor that rotates with a control board.

Compared to conventional brush motors, brushless motors are becoming commonplace in the radio-controlled area, freeing you from contact resistance, associated noise, maintenance, etc., by not having a brush/commutator. Normally, power lines and sensor cables are required to switch the phase, but this product is a plug-in specification that can be installed without any processing such as switch wiring by incorporating them into the motor. increase.

Compared to brush motors, the positional relationship between the rotor and the magnet is reversed, so the durability of the coil is greatly improved. Since there are no consumables such as brushes, it can be safely said that the actual life is the life of the case/tower bearings.

Since the absolute magnet space is smaller than the brushed motor, the brushed motor will be the winner if you want the ultimate torque (although it will be limited to very expensive high-end motors...). Otherwise, it is highly recommended for high cycle applications and light tuned guns.