And get ready for 2021: This year just gets better and better

Welcome all future and current airsoft players! We have had a hard road to navigate in 2020, with the multiple Covid19 lockdowns and the threat of more to come, personal isolation, considering if you are 'essential' and the infamous Government Bill C-21, the Liberals bold attempt to prohibit our sport, something thousands of players across the country enjoy.

It is important that you know what is happening. I would like you to direct your attention to the website: - 
We need an unified voice that this group of dedicated individuals present and Niagara Quartermaster is onboard to help where we can. So check them out and sign the E-Petition to help save airsoft.

As for now, Niagara Quartermaster is soldiering onward and will continue to stay open (we are currently in the RED Zone) and plan to have our field open depending on weather conditions by Mid-March. If you have 22 or less players, let us know and we can book a private group, if you don't mind the snow and mud come out and play.

Otherwise, we will revert back to Online Ticket Sales for the Sunday games and this can be found HERE. This will be done on a "First Come, First Serve" basis and there will be NO Walk-Ons until we reach Orange or Green Covid19 Zones.
And if you are new player and want to rent first then click here.

In addition, we also hope to have HPA refills available at the Field this year and of course, all Covid19 regulations still apply: facemasks in the Safe Zone and proper physical distancing.

As for myself, I am willing to make the best of the situation and play airsoft as much as possible this season.

Senior Airsofter In-Residence