Let's Do It Again...

Don't fret, don't worry, we will make through this situation. With the Premier's press conference today, the airsoft season has been officially terminated, so look forward to getting a lot of extra time (for those of us not deemed 'essential') now to revisit those gun builds, new camflouge clothing, upgrading those boneyard AEGs or think about converting to HPA custom guns.

Thus, with the Lockdown, Niagara Quartermaster our traditional Boxing Day Sale starts TODAY and we will be open for instore purchases until Thursday 24th at 3pm. After December 25th, Niagara Quartermaster will be there to help you out during this province wide shutdown, as we will continue with our online and curbside pickup services.

So let's get ready for that 28 day lockdown and hopefully we get get the numbers of 'positive' cases down so our 2021 airsoft season does not get affected, as I for one, would like to attend some of those big games this year.

Stay safe and Happy Pew Pew Year!

From the Staff at Niagara Quartermaster