KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil]

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  • KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil]
KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil] KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil]


KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG 3 [Recoil]

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The ultimate addition to the Ronin AEG lineup is here! The “Tekken” TK.45 Series is available as either the field ready TK.45 AEG 3 carbine with a slender aluminum 10 inch M-LOK free float rail and KWA’s Kinetic Feedback System (KFS), or as the TK.45c AEG 2.5, with KWA’s Variable Performance System (VPS) unit, which allows a quick and simple FPS adjustment. Both models feature quick-change spring systems that add even more customizability to the series

Like all current KWA rifle offerings, the receiver of the Tekken Series is full metal, but also features contemporary billet-styling on both the upper and lower, further enhancing the aggressive and modern look of the AEG. The angled polymer magwell doubles as a foregrip and allows for maximum retention and manipulation when you need it. Both version comes with a “Tekken 120” magazine, a 120 round mid-cap that is also available in a 3-pack. A modified and updated mechbox means that you can easily drop in your favorite electronic trigger without complications

WIth full ambidextrous and oversized controls, including an aggressive ambi charging handle, KeyMod or MLOK aluminum free float rails, and PTS Enhanced Polymer Furniture, the Tekken Series displays KWA’s unrivaled quality and craftsmanship, leaving the nearest competition in the dust


  • Custom-designed, lightweight, M-Lok compatible rail (new)
  • M-LOK rail adapters included in every box (new)
  • Improved high-torque motor (new)
  • Ambidextrous fire selector (new)
  • Enlarged trigger guard (new)
  • Custom mock suppressor (new)
  • Front & rear PTS® Enhanced Polymer flip-up sights
  • Rear-wired battery compartment
  • Switch Life Extender to prevent contact burnout
  • 120 round mid-cap magazine
  • Custom KWA stippled pistol grip
  • Ambidextrous charging handle
  • Upgraded one-piece rotary hop up
  • Billet-style metal receiver
  • Patented Kinetic Feedback System delivers a kick with each shot
  • PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock
  • Upgraded high-speed gear set (new)



    Get more pew pew out of your new KWA AEG 2.5/3 with the new Switch Life Extender, included on all new gen AEGs. The SLE will extend the life of your trigger contacts by almost 500% by absorbing 99.9% of the back current/power surge that cause their shuttle contacts to burn out.

    Unlike other electrical aftermarket add-ons, the SLE doesn’t rely on complicated circuit boards or cause erratic trigger behavior. Combined with numerous internal upgrades like the adjustable fps, the new gen of KWA AEGs is the new standard.


    • Weight (without mag): 7.12 lbs
    • Magazine Weight .37 lb
    • Length Retracted: 29.25 in
    • Length Extended: 32 in
    • Outer Barrel Length: 11 in
    • Inner Barrel Length: 337 mm (13.25 in)
    • Magazine Capacity: 120 rds
    • Rate of Fire (ROF): 19 RPS
    • Velocity: 380 FPS +/-
    • Energy Output (with .20g BBs): 1.34 Joules
    • Power Source: NiMh or Li-Po/Li-Fe
    • Dimensions: 44 x 11 4"