Niagara Quartermaster

The NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket for 2024

  • The NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket for 2024

Niagara Quartermaster

The NQ SUNDAY Pre-Pay Event Ticket for 2024


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Our outdoor field will be back in April 2024 for more exciting Sunday games, Walk-On Mil-sims and maybe a big game or two.

Thank you again for your support in making 2023 a great year for airsoft!

At the Niagara Quartermaster Field we play a variety of airsoft games and most are 'mission oriented' and often run 30+ minutes per game. We have a fairly large field for our games and we are always adding something to it.

We only run official games on Sundays, but our field is available to host private events, such as, the Canadian Airsoft Marines Bravo Co. annual 'Zombie Game' over 200 participants, birthdays, corporate and club team building parties. 

Otherwise, the stuff you need to know:

  • You can pre-purchase your ticket online off the NQ website
  • You can also buy your ticket in person, at the field by paying Cash or E-Transfer
  • Once you arrive, you can fill out our Field Waiver when checking in
  • We have plenty of parking and picnic tables available
  • We do sell the basic consumables [CO2, BBs, batteries, Water, Snacks etc.]
  • You are welcome to bring your own food, drinks, canopy tent
  • We do offer pizza slices/trays during gameday, please ask our Staff for details
  • We offer Rental Packages for those new players, also available on this website

    What happens on a Sunday:

    • Gates Open: 9:30am
    • Safety Speech: 10:50am
    • Teams are created - Blue vs Yellow Armbands
    • Game Start: 11:15am
    • Quick Lunch Break: 1:15pm
    • Game End: 5pm
    • Go Home by: 5:30pm

    Things to consider bringing with you:

    • A red rag for hit calling (don't worry we sell them for a $1 at the booth)
    • A positive attitude
    • A canopy for sun shade
    • Boots, as it can get muddy
    • Clothing you don't mind getting dirty
    • A drink cooler
    • Bug Spray
    • Gloves

          Things NOT to do:

          • Wear Red or Orange clothing
          • Bring real knives or guns
          • Your Mobile Phone, leave it in the car. We hate trying to find in a 50 acre field
          • Leave your valuables (i.e. wallet) in a secure place
          • Car keys - leave them with your gear, not in the field
          • A bad attitude


              We offer free delivery to the Field for any purchases made prior to 11am Saturday on the Niagara Quartermaster website. Especially useful if you are coming from far away.

              Please consult our Face Book Page [Niagara Quartermasters Airsoft Field] for game updates and weather conditions.