2021 NQ Airsoft Field - What You as a Player Need to Know

You will be required to book and pay in advance online through the here on the website. Make sure to complete your waiver before you arrive.

Airsoft is an outside activity played in a large area, where social distancing is naturally a part of the game. Airsoft promotes the importance of staying active and being outside. It also is noted that Airsoft can support social, mental, and physical wellbeing. Participating in outdoor activities is a great way to stay healthy, reduce stress, and enjoy time with friends.

With the fast pace at which situations and rules can change, we reserve the right to make any modifications needed in order to comply with provincial regulations on outdoor activities.
We thank you for your understanding and in advance for your patience! We hope these modifications are temporary, but nonetheless we are excited to get the season started and see our fantastic players again!

This is our plan of action that we are using for 2021 re-opening of our field:

Please bear with us as we navigate these uncharted territories. We want to do our absolute best to keep our staff and players safe during this time!
Our Referees will be closely watching everyone to follow these rules. If you do not, you will be asked to leave without a refund. We need to be strict on this matter.
The following for now, is our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as we ease into opening:


We are asking that ONLY those playing come out to the field at this time as we have limited capacity with the restrictions.

When parking please allow for personal space in between each vehicle on either side of you. There will be designated parking this year.

Anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (including but not limited to cough, or difficulty breathing) will be turned away. Please, if you don’t feel well, stay home.

You will need to register online and do your waiver online before you come to the field. We suggest you book in advance, as spaces will fill up quickly.

When you arrive at the NQ Field Gate, our Referees will have a player list for the day, please show your proof of purchase from website and your vehicle will be allowed into the premises.
You will confirm your registration at the Safe Zone Booth, and we will give you a wristband and you will need to put it on yourself before leaving the counter. There will be a porta-potty with hand washing station available and will be cleaned regularly through the day.

We would like participants to wear a face covering while in the Safe Zone and Parking area. Any non-medical face mask, such as a balaclava, shemagh, face wrap is acceptable, but if you access to N95 or similar masks, go right ahead. Also, NO mesh masks, paper, dust masks allowed.

We will assign tables for each person/group (Personal Zone or PZ) within the staging area. You will be allowed to use the same table as anyone you have travelled with that is in your personal group. In addition, we will have special Event Parking for those staging from their vehicles.

While you are at the Field, we ask that you maintain 2 meters from anyone not within your group that you travelled with. Please refrain from physical contact with anyone not in your personal group and avoid wandering into other PZs.

As always, our starting points are spaced far apart from each and wide enough to allow social distancing procedures. In addition, there will be no games with Medic rules and no more than 2 people in building at a time.

Please be mindful of our staff’s safety as well as our other guests and yourself. If you have an issue and your Referee needs to assist you, they will pull up their face shield before approaching you.

Prepackage snacks will be available for purchase as well as drinks. We can only accept CASH at the field.

We recommend purchasing any and all consumables you may require for the day prior to your arrival via our online website. All orders need to be received before 9.59pm on Friday afternoon to guarantee fulfillment of your order. We will have your order ready for at the Safe Zone Booth.

To purchase tickets, click here: